Hajime Yoneda was born in October, 1972
    in Hirakata, Osaka.
    He spent his childhood and adolescence
    in this small, simple mountain town.
    Engrossed in mathematics
    all throughout high school,
    in university he enrolled in the department
    of science and engineering,
    where he studied electrical engineering.
    Employed in 1996 by an electronics maker,
    he engaged in the design of electronics.
    He became a chef in 1998,
    working in restaurants in Japan and France,
    and in May of 2008, he opened Hajime
    OSAKA JAPON with the theme
    of “A truly wonderful restaurant.”
    Then in 2009 - a mere 1 year and 5 months
    after opening it garnered the ranking
    of a Michelin 3 star restaurant
    the fastest in history.

    In May of 2012, more active
    and innovative than ever,
    it changed names to HAJIME,
    and continues to use each day
    as a new chance to express a unique aesthetic
    and worldview through the mediums of gastronomy,
    life science, biology, brain science, gastroenterology,
    business management, architecture,
    and space science.

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