"The universe exists in a remarkably delicate harmony.
We aim to capture the beauty of its simple yet complex nature."

HAJIME took its first step in Osaka in May 2008. With our meticulously calculated artistry, innovation, and an uncompromising spirit of exploration, we refine our conceptually designed cuisine beyond millimeters and milligrams, to the most optimal decimal degrees. HAJIME captures the intricate balance and harmony of nature, Earth, and the universe in a most unforgettable experience. Embrace a reverence for nature and the Earth. The transience of existence. Life itself, and love.

What does it mean to eat, and to live?
Where shall our next journey lead us?

The answers to these fundamental questions may await you upon our plates. Immerse in the rich heritage of gastronomy through a timeless culinary journey at HAJIME, and depart with a lasting impression of amazement, enchantment, and hope.

We cordially invite you to savor the world of HAJIME.