6 Gastronomies

Gastronomy is intricately intertwined with the evolution of life and diverse social systems, hinting at its potential for facilitating societal innovation and progress within broader contexts than the mere provision of food in dining establishments.

HAJIME explores and champions these possibilities across six distinct realms, which we refer to as the 6 Gastronomies.

6 Gastronomies

Restaurant Gastronomy
Installation art Gastronomy
Medical Gastronomy
Singularity Gastronomy
Space Gastronomy
Social Gastronomy

We will delve deep into each respective domain. We will pursue each tirelessly.
We aspire to ultimately break down the boundaries between them and interconnect everything seamlessly.Medicine links to both society and the universe, just as singularity links society and the universe. Gastronomy will serve as the central nexus and weave all realms together like the mesh of a net.

Our Six Gastronomies project is a monumental endeavor aimed at restoring people’s inner abundance through food.