Notification of reopen

    According to the policy from Osaka prefecture, they loosen the limited opening hour at restaurant so we decided to reopen our restaurant from May 21st. We will reopen the restaurant but we are promoting proper sanitation within the restaurant to prevent and minimize the spread of the coronavirus. To do so, please kindly understand the we will implement the new customs according to the Japanese government announced.

    1. Open at 5:30pm, last entry time is 7:00pm and close at 10:00pm.

    2. We keep enough distance between tables and we limit the number of guests. If you come with the person who don’t live with you, we will consider the seat configuration so please ask us when you make a reservation.

    3. After entering, please wash and sanitize your hands and measure of body temperature.

    4. We regularly ventilate the room during opening.

    5. If you feel not good or if you have any concern when you come to restaurant, we are flexible to change or cancel your reservation so please feel free to ask us.

    6. In an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we would like to cooperate to follow the information of infection and route of infection. We kindly would like to ask guests to register to “corona tracking system”(in operation) in advance.

    7. If guests or our staffs are infected with the coronavirus, we close our restaurant immediately and deal with this according to the healthcare center instructions.

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